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Text & Bild Konsult is a book publisher and second-hand bookshop based in Sweden.

Since the 1990s, Text & Bild Konsult has published several books in the realm of popular science – including books about Raoul Wallenberg and the Swedish Home Guard. The company is a platform for the writer and researcher Lars Brink.


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Raoul Wallenberg in the Swedish Press During the Cold War

Raoul  Wallenberg  In  Swedish  Daily Press During  The  Cold  War is an analysis from a press historical perspective by Lars Brink, Licentiate in Philosophy, writer.

The book has long summaries in both English and German.

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Swedish title: Raoul Wallenberg i dagspressen under kalla kriget

ISBN: 9789197218832

Published by Text & Bild Konsult 2017.


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Voices About the Book

"Lars Brink's book […] gives an interesting insight into how the Wallenberg case was handled by the media, which in turn affected, amongst others, politicians and diplomats."

Mats Dahlberg in a review in Nya Wermlands-Tidningen.

"Brink's new book includes a summary in English and is thus not only of interest for Swedish readers. […] this is a book that should appeal not only to researchers at universities and institutions, but also to journalists and others. Brink's book contains a credible and important analysis of how the press in Sweden, including Swedish communist papers, covered Raoul Wallenberg during the classic Cold War years."

Author and military historian Lars Gyllenhaal, in a review on his blog.

"Lars Brink is very familiar with the subject [of the Wallenberg case] after many years of studies."

Ulf Ivarsson, former editor-in-chief of magazine Hemvärnet, in a review at Bokebackens kultursida.

"The book is well-written, and contains both an English and a German summary."

Pia Holmström in the BTJ Booklet.

"the printing is beautiful and it is really good to have the main points of the analysis summarized in German and English. The local Swedish media coverage in the Wallenberg case is  both a fascinating and also very important subject."

Susanne Berger, the foremost Wallenberg expert in the United States, in a letter to the author.

”I read your fine book with a great interest.”

Nina Lagergren, Raoul Wallenberg's sister, in a letter to the author.

"Interesting to read your publication."

Olle Westberg, diplomat, journalist and government coordinator of the Raoul Wallenberg Memorial Year, in a letter to the author.


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Raoul Wallenberg i dagspressen under kalla kriget. Med Summary in English & Zusammenfassung auf Deutsch.